Welcome to Emanuel Calvary Chapel

We exist to convey God’s love, share His transforming power & promote the worship of His name.


  1. Love – In light of God’s overwhelming love for us, we in  response are called to express a genuine and heartfelt love in return  and convey that love to each other and the world.
  2. Worship – In light of God’s supremacy and initiation of a  personal relationship with us, we are compelled to live lives of  unceasing prayer and worship.
  3. Obedience – In light of God’s authority and love, we desire  to follow the call of His Spirit wherever it may lead regardless of  risk & result.
  4. Hope – In light of God’s promise to complete His work in  us, we live with an unshakable faith and secure hope that Christ is  returning and we will be in His glorious presence forever.
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